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Resonant Son

Resonant Son

Book 1

Performed by: Mark Boyett

Released: February 18, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 35 min

Thirty floors of nightmare fueled action. An ex-cop with nothing left to lose.
After losing his job and family, Flint Reed finds himself in the middle of a terrorist attack. With nothing but his wits and experience as a former Union police officer, he must do everything he can to stay alive.
As he soon discovers, however, there are also hostages, and no one is coming to save them.
All hope falls to Flint.
But as he fights to navigate the building, the real answers begin to unravel. What are the terrorists really after, and why are they so intent on getting into the vault?
Experience the beginning of the Resonant Son series. If you’re a fan of Die HardRenegade Star, or the Last Reaper, you’ll love this epic sci-fi thrill ride.



Mark Boyett