Resurgence | Podium Audio

The Blood Race


Book 3

By: K.A. Emmons

Released: May 25, 2021

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 17 hr, 52 min

200 years into Earth’s future, the Anomalies return….
When Icarus and the other Anomalies of the Dimension reemerge into a war-torn world, they have no idea how to take down the Reformed Global Militia, a military superpower which now rules by force and mind-control. Without Hawk or Sensei by his side, Icarus is haunted by his own self-doubt and questions his ability to lead the sliders into battle. But when he’s captured and inducted into the RGM, Icarus must face his biggest challenge yet: Keep his true identity a secret from the power that wants to kill him.
While Fin roams the Irish countryside searching for Hawk, tensions rise between students in the Dimension. Desperate to escape the clutches of the RGM, Icarus makes a run for it, only to be captured again by a mysterious young corporal who’s been hiding a secret of her own¦for the past 200 years. As the Anomalies prepare for war, the Dimension spirals out of control, creating more division than ever. Icarus is forced to make an impossible choice between life or death when he realizes that in order to defeat the darkness, he may have to become it.
Includes Anomaly, a bonus story from The Blood Race series.



K.A. Emmons

Kate is a writer & avid outdoor adventurer. She is the author of the young adult urban fantasy series The Blood Race, and is currently working on several new novels. She also blogs and creates YouTube videos about writing, minimalism, plant-based living, and her nomadic lifestyle and is the co-host of a creative writing podcast called The Kate and Abbie Show.