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Resurrection City

Book 3

By: Tim Kaiver

Performed by: Ryan Kennard Burke

Released: September 14, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 16 hr, 0 min

The price they paid to find this city won’t come close to the cost it will take to build it.
The Cipher has rewarded Cullen with XP to distribute across areas of Resurrection City, from military to defense, economy and more, but he’ll need so much more than that to protect his people. And he must do it while negotiating treaties with invaluable allies and fighting off sorcerers, mobs, and the dungeon core growing up out of their backyard.
The galaxy-spanning Osuna have seen the city’s power from beyond the stars, and are now on their way to claim it for themselves. Cullen’s job is to build this city before they get there, because if he doesn’t, only slavery and genocide await. 
Will he meet the challenge, or let his people’s greatest hope die in a valley somewhere deep in the Spirit Realm?



Tim Kaiver

Tim Kaiver is an old-school gamer who writes Sci-Fi/Fantasy LitRPG full of hope, adventure and more cool things than you could shake a stick at, or a laser rifle. Actually, you should probably set that down... carefully. Our galaxy doesn't provide safety training for that. Leave that kind of fun for Tim's books. His Cipher's Quest novel is real world RPG inspired by Final Fantasy VI's mix of magic, creative powers and low-tech society and Stargate's exploration of myth and galactic consequences. The Ciphercraft series takes place in a galaxy decimated by genocide and desperate for heroes. The rediscovery of a real-life gaming system will bring new powers, but fiercer enemies. Each book expands the Cipher's game mechanics from unique class abilities, party management, city building, dungeon diving, portal warfare and defense against a galactic tyrant's planet invasion—and that's the spoiler free version. Visit him at for a free read of Cipher's Quest Chapter One and subscribe to his newsletter. He also occasionally blogs video reviews of his favorite new books and authors. Tim lives in Iowa with his wife and two children, because there's nothing like miles of farmland to inspire one to dreams of galactic adventure.



Ryan Kennard Burke