Rise of the Seer | Podium Audio

Song of the Worlds

Rise of the Seer

Book 1

By: Brandon Barr

Performed by: Robin Miles

Released: December 11, 2018

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 11 min

Two women. Two worlds. One epic destiny.
A god-gifted young woman is chosen for a grim task – one that will take her beyond the boundaries of her own world. Winter’s chilling visions of the future make clear that her choices will not only affect the success of her mission…but whether those she loves will live or die.
On the distant world of Hearth, Meluscia is the daughter of a dying king. As he wages a bitter war in the north, a growing evil devours the villages of the east. She would turn her kingdom’s forces to face the emerging threat – but first, she must gain the throne…and confront the secret desire that torments her soul.
Though worlds apart, Meluscia and Winter’s destinies are bound together by portals and an ancient prophecy that promises to pull friend and foe together in a devastating collision.
An excellent choice for fans of Anne McCaffrey and Terry Brooks.
Includes Song of the Worlds bonus novella Ella Dethroned.



Brandon Barr



Robin Miles