Rise of the Shadow | Podium Audio

The Shadow Knights Trilogy

Rise of the Shadow

Book 2

By: Michael Webb

Performed by: Tim Campbell

Released: April 12, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 9 min

After tasting financial success and the Shadow Knights’ power, Veron lost everything.
Now, trapped in slavery, jealous servants and harsh justice threaten his ability to fulfill his destiny. Caught between secrets he cannot divulge and attention from the master’s daughter, Chelci, Veron must choose between following the rules or following his heart as he fights to rise again.
Meanwhile, King Bale searches to kill the young shadow knight, and Veron’s old friend Brixton is the only one who knows where he is. Will the lure of power entice Brixton to turn on him again? His first betrayal nearly cost Veron everything.
A second would cost him his life.



Michael Webb

Michael lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and son. He began writing in 2019 on a whim and is now hooked. He uses any spare time he has to work on his books, usually waking at 5:15 every morning during the week and putting in several hours each weekend. In his free time, he love working out (running, spin bikes, crossfit, hiking, etc), waking up early (because there is life just waiting to be lived), spending time with his family, drinking coffee, reading, playing guitar at church, and watching movies with explosions.



Tim Campbell

Tim Campbell is the Audie, Voice Arts, Independent Audiobook, and Audiofile Earphones Award-winning narrator of over 650 audiobooks. He sings regularly with the Los Angeles Master Chorale, where he has been a part of multiple Grammy Award winning recordings, at LA Opera, and on film and television soundtracks such as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Creed 2, Venom and many others.