Royal Beasts | Podium Audio

Released: December 06, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 14 hr, 15 min

When a two-thousand-year-old curse is the only thing keeping you safe, you should probably just leave it alone. 
Here’s the problem—the curse is now breaking itself. The sanctuary is crumbling, Pell’s anger issues come with a new destructive voice, Pie has no control over her spellings, and Tomas is trying to convince himself that, one day, Madeline is going to love being a dragon. 
Add in an old friend (minus her couch and plus a big blue bus filled with orphan kids), a new version of Granite Springs where the devil lives in a bar, a hundred monsters reliving the teenage-years they never had, and a date to a prom in 1982 and we’re getting close to the chaos that’s coming. 
Other worlds are calling, the new doors act like hallways, and nothing that mattered before matters now. The world is quickly changing, and when the curse finally breaks for good, will there be anything left?
_Royal Beasts _is the third book in the Monsters of Saint Mark’s series, a rompy paranormal ancient-Roman-gods rom-com. The series must be read in order.
Contains a special note from the author, JA Huss (writing here under her pen name, KC Cross).