Ruination | Podium Audio

Sundown Series


Book 6

By: Courtney Konstantin

Performed by: Tess Irondale

Released: September 20, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 40 min

Montana calls to him and all he wants is to take his family home.
Rafe Duncan isn’t the oldest of his siblings, but he felt the pressure of responsibility just the same. He dedicated his life to keeping their family compound running and his goal was to get them back there, alive.
At the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, Rafe couldn’t have foreseen what was to come. As he watched society break down, bringing his family together was his first goal. Now after all they had lost, he wanted safety for them all.
‘The Suit’ stood between the Duncans and freedom. The self appointed government leader had taken much from them in the beginning months of the apocalypse and he continued to be looming danger over their heads.
As the Duncans try to make plans to get home, ‘The Suit’ creates chaos by kidnapping one of their own. Rafe will stop at nothing to get back what has been taken from him and is determined to end the threat to his family. Rafe knows, not everyone will survive the apocalypse.
Author Courtney Konstantin brings you along an exciting, heart wrenching, dangerous ride in this series finale.



Courtney Konstantin

Born and raised in N. California, spent majority of adult life in Las Vegas, NV. Now living in Oregon, life is slower, much less bright than LV. Obsessed with the apocalypse and anything that could cause the fall of our society as we know it. The Duncan Family was born and was suddenly a story I could sink my teeth into. I find myself being emotionally connected to my characters, making it hard to allow anyone to die. But how do you have zombies, without people dying?



Tess Irondale