Runeshield Mage 3 | Podium Audio

Runeshield Mage

Runeshield Mage 3

Book 3

By: NJ Buller

Performed by: Roger Wayne

Released: March 12, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 22 hr, 28 min

The undead have been vanquished. The living are betraying them. The hope for peace is gone.
Theo’s purpose in this world has been revealed, and time can’t be wasted anymore. Together with Stig, they’ve traveled to Rootdale, the largest city still standing on Vrasis. They hope to find allies but are thrown into the underground before they have a chance. Now faced with the option of fighting or dying, they have little choice but to take up arms once again.
Theo just wants a break, but that option sailed away a long time ago.
The only way to go now is forward.



NJ Buller

Author who has allegedly written more than 3 words. Prefers rye bread over white bread.



Roger Wayne

Hi my name is Roger Wayne. I served in the military after community college in Minnesota, where I grew up. Started acting professionally in Minneapolis, where I got my BA degree, then moved to NYC, and have since completed nearly 300 audiobooks, and several co-star and guest-star roles on TV, including an upcoming one for a new show on Showtime coming out probably next year. Along with that I've been involved in several stage productions, short films, indie features, and on-camera/ voice commercials.