Ruthless Savior | Podium Audio

Captive Series

Ruthless Savior

Book 5

By: Julia Sykes

Performed by: Noah B. Perez

Released: May 18, 2021

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 16 min

My pretty little captive thinks she can run from me. She doesn’t understand how ruthless I truly am….
Guarding my lovely hostage has become my obsession. I protect Marisol from the vicious men in my brutal cartel, including myself. I’ve kept the promise I made to my boss on the night of her capture: No one touches her.
But she runs from me at the first opportunity, escaping the safe cage I built for her. I’ve denied myself for far too long. She’s made the mistake of believing I’m gentle and forgiving. There’s nothing gentle about what I intend to do to her once I catch her, and she’ll have to beg for my forgiveness. 
I’ve spent endless nights imagining so many delicious ways to torment her. Now that she’s defied the cartel, I can indulge all of my twisted desires. I’ll never let her escape me again. Marisol is mine.



Julia Sykes



Noah B. Perez