Sacrifice | Podium Audio

The Trysmoon Saga


Book 4

By: Brian K. Fuller

Performed by: Simon Vance

Released: July 07, 2015

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 31 min

The battle for Echo Hold begins, the Uyumaak throwing their might at the fortress.
The birth of the Holy Child draws near, and the Chalaine and Padra Athan try to prop up the Ha’Ulrich’s failing courage so he can face Mikkik when the time comes. Gen, still separated from the Chalaine, watches from a distance, fearing treachery, hoping he can save her from Mikkik and the incompetence of her cowardly husband.
But when Mikkik finally arrives, the tormented god foists the biggest deception ever seen upon the unsuspecting peoples of Ki’hal. Only Gen and a few of his allies know the truth. The fate of Ki’hal rests upon their shoulders as Mikkik unleashes his fell creations to hunt them down and silence the living heart of the world.



Brian K. Fuller



Simon Vance