Saint Baptiste | Podium Audio

Saint Baptiste

Book 2

By: Miss Candice

Performed by: iiKane, Winston James

Released: December 26, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 04 hr, 26 min

In his new position as head of the Baptiste family business, Saint faces many challenges.
Nothing could have prepared him for the challenges that came with dealing with the alluring Naoki Childs. She was the insoluble problem his big brother, Jahad, talked about. A problem that couldn’t be handled with a phone call, a meeting, or by simply emptying his clip. Saint thought he’d never be faced with a problem he couldn’t handle, especially where a woman was concerned. But he quickly learned that Naoki wasn’t just some woman. She was much, much more than that.
Naoki was trapped in what felt like a never-ending cycle with the same man. Except, he wasn’t the same man… not exactly anyway. In many ways, he was. But in very distinctive ways, he wasn’t. Saint Baptiste belonged in a category of his own. He made her feel in ways no man ever had. In ways she vowed to never feel again. But at the end of the night, when she’d awaken to a cold, empty bed, she’d be reminded of the ways in which he was just like the men before. For a while, his being the same didn’t bother her. But when feelings got involved, and she found herself wanting to venture outside of the box she put herself in, things got complicated.



Miss Candice

Miss Candice is a best-selling urban fiction author and publisher with over seventy enthralling, page turning novels under her belt. She debuted part one of her first series, If Not For Love, in October of 2014 with part three gracing the number one spot on Amazon's Urban Life best sellers list. Since then, she's penned several other unforgettable bestselling series, including the bestselling Soul Ties and A Drug Called You.




iiKane has narrated over 50 titles currently selling on Audible and other major online platforms. Her strong suits are creatively voicing different characters, animation, romance, nonfiction narration, urban dramas and historical readings. She has 10+ years of voice experience and her work has been featured on numerous flagship radio stations across the country, as well as clients including MTV, VH1, BET, McDonald's, Access Hollywood and AT&T. She also promotes new titles and authors to her social media audiences.



Winston James

Winston has been narrating books for a little over a year now. In his short time narrating he has amassed over 15 titles under his belt, as well as a 2022 Audie Nomination. He has narrated books in the genres of Romance, Erotica, Self-Help, Poetry, and Autobiographies. Winston is a classically trained actor and loves to spend his free time learning spanish and playing his guitar.