Sancte Diaboli: Part One | Podium Audio

The Elite Kings’ Club

Sancte Diaboli: Part One

Book 6

By: Amo Jones

Released: February 08, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 47 min

The Devil comes with baggage, and not the kind you can lose.
I was two years old when he saved me. I didn’t understand much at that age, but I remember the pale boy with hair as dark as ink, saving me from two evils. He said he would protect me; I just didn’t know he meant from himself. I was raised in the arms of evil, tailored for the Devil like a custom Armani suit, and every day he wore it like a weapon. Brantley thought by keeping me locked in his manor that it would protect me, and it did.
Until it didn’t.
As I slowly adapt to The Elite Kings Club and the dark, sinister world that exists around the outlaws in suits, I come to learn that the monster everyone fears is the very same one I crave.
Like a prized trophy, I sit on his throne….
Something quite pretty, an object he owns….
She’s a porcelain doll, so shiny, so clean….
Something I want to polish, but to never be seen….
The time has come, I am in his world….
Now his Dea, can be admired by all….
The thing with porcelain is it’s fragile and delicate….
It would only take a second for me to eradicate it….



Amo Jones