Sandstorm: Publisher's Pack II | Podium Audio

The Sandstorm Series

Sandstorm: Publisher’s Pack II

Book 4

By: TW Piperbrook

Performed by: Scott Brick

Released: June 30, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 13 hr, 54 min

Sandstorm: Publisher’s Pack 2 contains the final two books in the Sandstorm series!
Dustborn, Book 3:
Danger comes in many forms. 
Tired, dirty, and sick, the Red Rock survivors eke out an existence on the Watchers’ cliffs, hoping to avoid the monster. But life up high is almost as bad as life on the ground. Water is scarce, and no meal is guaranteed. 
And deep inside the tunnels, a new threat is building, something that might consume them all….
War Torn, Book 4: 
To survive or to die? 
Facing threats in every direction, Neena, Kai, and the Right Cavers struggle to stay alive. Meanwhile, Bryan and his marchers confront The Abomination, while Raj endures a personal crisis. 
Will anyone survive, or has the Red Rock colony reached its end?



TW Piperbrook

T.W. Piperbrook lives in Connecticut with his wife, his son, and a Shih Tzu named Remy. He is the author of the CONTAMINATION series, the OUTAGE series, and co-author of THE LAST SURVIVORS, as well as the author of THE RUINS. In his former lives, he has worked as a claims adjuster, a touring musician, and a business systems analyst for a Fortune 500 company. Now he spends his days fighting zombies, battling werewolves, and roaming post-apocalyptic cities and planets.



Scott Brick