Secret Plunge | Podium Audio

Kings of the Water

Secret Plunge

Book 1

Performed by: Aiden Snow

Released: April 25, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 38 min

What happens when an Olympic athlete and a young divorcée start their new year together? One hot night, lots of laughter, and a little surprise.
One night. That’s all I wanted: to start the new year on a good note and forget about the chaos last year brought.
Enter Ryan. With his dark eyes, panty-melting smile, and sinful body, he’s the perfect distraction.
When I’m left with more than just the spell-binding memories of our night together, I’m positively freaking out. Things get even more complicated when I find out how our lives are already intertwined.
Will I be able to keep our connection a secret while we get to know each other, or will this whole mess blow up in my face?
_Secret Plunge _is a fun and sexy sports romance and the first book in the Kings of the Water series. All books in this series can be listened to as standalones.



Aiden Snow

**Aiden Snow** is a romance and erotica narrator who has been called "the crown prince of audio romance." His rich baritone has garnered a solid fan base and has allowed him to range from paranormal romance to military romance, from "motorcycle bad boy" to "boardroom dom." To him, every romance is true love, and every erotic romance is true desire.