Set Me Free, Cowboy | Podium Audio

Set Me Free, Cowboy

By: R.L. Atkinson

Performed by: Scarlett Dorian

Released: June 04, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 16 hr, 2 min

She grew up as cowgirl as you can get—until he came along.
After her life goes awry, Brexlynn Phillips runs as far as she can in an attempt to escape his abuse. For two years, she manages to remain hidden and safe, keeping that torture and her knowledge of her previous cowgirl life a secret from everyone she meets. Until her job sends her and some coworkers back to a ranch in Montana. It’s a couple of states away from her old hometown and only for a couple of months, so she thinks everything will be fine.
Except the monster she once managed to escape from returns. Determined to keep her past a secret from everyone around her, she does something desperate to try to remain hidden. Thrown into a fake relationship with a mysterious man to protect herself, can she find a way to trust another cowboy with her heart and remain safe? Can she find a way to break free from the torture, or will her secret cost not just her life but the cowboy’s life as well?
Intended for mature listeners.



R.L. Atkinson

R.L. Atkinson is an author, powerlifter, small business owner, and competitor of the Knightly Games. Born and raised in Utah, she has spent her entire life writing poetry and stories as a hobby. Until now! Sharing the works that have brought her so much joy as well as an escape from the turmoil of reality has been a dream come true. Using her experience in life with horses, as well as living in a small town, she enjoys creating romantic stories between characters that feel real. Follow along as she brings you adventures of love that tugs at your heart strings, each with unique storylines that bring you back wanting more.



Scarlett Dorian