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Sevenfold Sword

Sevenfold Sword

Book 2

By: Jonathan Moeller

Performed by: Steven Brand

Released: February 27, 2018

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 20 hr, 33 min

_Sevenfold Sword _includes books one and two of the series.
After a long and terrible war, the realm of Andomhaim is at peace. But dark powers threaten other lands.
Ridmark Arban, the Shield Knight and defender of Andomhaim, finds himself fighting for his life, and for the lives of his family, when a mad elven wizard comes to the High King’s court. For the quest of the Seven Swords has begun.
And the quest will kill anyone foolish enough to seek its secret.



Jonathan Moeller

The author of over 100 novels, Jonathan Moeller has written of the SEVENFOLD SWORD fantasy series (available from Podium Audio), along with the FROSTBORN, GHOSTS, GHOST EXILE, and numerous other series.



Steven Brand