Shades of Brilliance | Podium Audio

The Master’s Protégé Trilogy

Shades of Brilliance

Book 1

By: Eleanor Chance

Performed by: Marisa Calin

Released: August 31, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 6 min

Celeste Gabriele’s life has gone from wealth and privilege in the highest echelons of Venetian aristocracy to dismal poverty in the slums.
With her drunk of a father missing and her mother dead, it falls upon Celeste to protect her younger brothers and sister from starvation. When the burden becomes overwhelming, and Celeste makes plans to escape her wretched life, her wealthy aunt appears and whisks her off to work as a nanny to young Federigo Benetto. One day, as Celeste escorts Federigo to his art lesson with Maestro Luciano Vicente, the maestro discovers a sketch drawn by Celeste. He immediately recognizes her raw artistic talent and begs her to become his secret protÃ



Eleanor Chance

Eleanor Chance writes suspense, thriller and historical women’s fiction. She cherishes stories that stay with her long after reading “The End” and hopes to create that same experience for her readers. She currently lives in Virginia with her husband but has traveled the world and lived in five different countries. She is the proud mother of four grown sons and Nana to one amazing grand-darling.



Marisa Calin