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Shadowed Kingdom

Shadowed Heart

Released: June 18, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 44 min

Our lands are changing, three becoming one, merged together by my sister and her monsters.
The magic has returned and new life blooms. No longer are the Dead Lands dismal and gray, but not everyone welcomes the change.
I expected to die when I threw myself from the Gilded Land’s tower. Instead, I found myself surrounded by the monsters I feared the most.
I assumed they’d be feral and dangerous. I didn’t expect them to show me the world, to fill my broken, darkened soul with light.
My name is Kai Black and I’m no longer the woman stolen by the Gilded King. I’ve been shattered and remade into something different. Something new.
If only I had known that I would be re-born from darkness, the same darkness that the monsters find me in. If only I’d known who the real monsters are.
Shadows save us. Shadows guide us. Shadows heal me.
This is a dark romance intended for mature listeners.