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Ship Wrecked

Ship Wrecked III

Book 3

By: Mark Wayne McGinnis

Performed by: L.J. Ganser

Released: January 28, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 15 min

Finally, Cameron Decker is reunited with Heather – the love of his life, now a fellow galactic traveler in her own right.
Each has survived their own hellish experiences. Now onboard their new starship, they settle in for the journey home to Earth – or what’s left of it. News is not good: the massive, tentacled Loths are multiplying at an astounding rate, and much of humankind has either perished, succumbing to the rampaging beasts, or moved on to other worlds.
But soon, the starship is critically damaged, requiring extensive repairs before the journey can continue. Even their immediate survival hangs in the balance. Heather decides to take a pair of escape pods and head to Earth with a motley crew, while Cameron stays back with his Loth and his alien friend, Joe, who are too large to fit. They set down on the nearby planet Volegare, but the plan for repairs quickly becomes a nightmare – not only is Volegare full of hostile lifeforms, it’s plagued by constant volcanic eruptions.
It seems that nothing will go as planned for either Cameron or Heather. As their separate adventures play out, placing them and their friends in mortal danger, this time reuniting may not be in the cards. And there may not even be a home world for them to return to….



Mark Wayne McGinnis

Mark grew up on both coasts, first in Westchester County, New York, then in Westlake Village, California. Mark and his wife, Kim, now live in Castle Rock, Colorado, with their three dogs, Rika, Sammi, and Lilly. Mark's been writing for over 6 years, with thirty best-selling novels. Previously, Mark and Kim produced/directed the full-length feature film, Openings, the Search for Harry.



L.J. Ganser