Silvercrest Court | Podium Audio

Daughter of Shadow

Silvercrest Court

Book 2

By: LJ Swallow

Released: March 26, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 32 min

Calla, daughter of shadow. The girl with the dragon, accused of bewitching three powerful men. Can her magic unite the kingdom, or will she tear the realm further apart?
Calla arrives at the stronghold with her three guardians, but not everything goes to plan. Her unusual magic skills arouse suspicion, and when Calla’s true powers reveal themselves, her life is in danger.
Leander attempts to reconcile his role as High Lord with his need to protect Calla—a girl his advisers tell him must die. Rohan struggles with his feelings for the girl he’s commanded to watch and kill if necessary. And Galen is determined to prove that there is more to Calla’s story while trying to make sense of his feelings toward a human girl.
All believe that Calla’s dragonkin, Luin, holds the key to who she is.
A new elven ally knows more about the situation inside the Ebon realm and promises the group answers. He introduces the four companions to somebody who reveals Calla’s hidden background and the source of her power.
Calla faces an impossible decision—risk her life by returning to the stronghold or travel to a place of greater danger to fulfill a destiny that will change the kingdom forever.
Silvercrest Court is the second book in the Daughter of Shadow fantasy romance series, which must be listened to in order. Daughter of Shadow is a slow-burn, slow-build why choose fantasy romance series featuring action-packed sword and sorcery with a strong heroine, a pet dragon, and irresistible guys.



LJ Swallow