Skeletons of Society | Podium Audio

Toxic Paradise

Skeletons of Society

Book 1

By: Marie Maravilla

Performed by: Gregory Salinas, Raquel Beattie

Released: December 20, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 10 hr, 2 min

So the streets taint another soul…
To survive in the Los Muertos Cartel, you have to stay useful, especially when you’re a woman. So I made sure I couldn’t be replaced. Now my name is whispered about in the shadows— La Brujita de Los Muertos.
Too bad I forgot that lies and deceit are the lifeblood of this toxic paradise. I should have seen the betrayal coming. My hands were always destined to be drenched in the blood of guilty men.
Sometimes it takes someone willing to walk in the dark to allow others to live in the light. She is a beautiful savage. All the things I am not supposed to have and maybe never will.
Meeting her changed all of my plans; it altered the very fabric of my future.
_Skeletons of Society _is book one in the Toxic Paradise series, a contemporary crime romance that revolves around a cartel and contains darker elements. It is intended for mature listeners due to explicit sexual content, strong language, violence, and death.



Marie Maravilla

Marie is a new author who —like so many others— has an addiction to iced coffee and fictional people. Both writing them and reading them. When she’s not wrangling in her two small humans, she’s wrangling in her characters.



Gregory Salinas

Gregory Salinas is an award-winning narrator of over 275 audiobooks. With a background in theater and literature, he has developed an expressive sound that can be heard in his recent Audiobook Adrenaline Award-winning book, _The Havoc We Wreak, _Kristen Ashley's _Chasing Serenity, _and Audiobook Adrenaline Award nominee, _Broken Fighter.  _Gregory specializes in romance but has narrated many other genres as well.



Raquel Beattie

Raquel speaks conversational Spanish and is comfortable with beginning French. She can also perform a range of voices and select accents, including American Southern and Mexican. She has narrated over 65 books in her home studio, with genres ranging from Romance to Horror, and Sci-Fi to Self-Help. Raquel’s powers of observation, overthinking, and empathy allow her to fully embody the characters of each story she performs.