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Taking the Shot

Snap Shot

Book 2

By: MJ Fields

Released: March 19, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 06 hr, 18 min

I was never happier than the day my mother (and grandmother) agreed that I could leave the great state of Texas to attend a college nearly two thousand blissful miles away from home.
They only agreed because:

  1. Delta is the top sorority at Lincoln University; therefore, I could and would become the third generation of Hunt women to hold the office of Delta President.
  2. Brad Kosta, my uncle, was the coach of the Lincoln Lions Ice Hockey team, and he could look after me.
    I also had a secret obligation to fulfill to myself. I would pursue my passion—photography—and find a man to give myself to who my brothers couldn’t intimidate. A man who wouldn’t turn college into a cautionary tale of heartbreak and self-loathing but instead a fond memory. A man who wasn’t a player, an F-boy, or some stupid jock.
    The thing is, the only guy I’ve met on a campus who’s held my interest is, in fact, a jock.
    Not just any jock—he’s one of Uncle Brad’s top players.
    Senior year’s focus should be all about securing my spot with the Brooklyn Bears. I should be skating easy. I should be… but I’m not.
    I’m about to make an enemy out of the one person I should be bowing to—Coach Kosta.
    Not my fault he hired a smoke show to be our team photographer. One with hella curves, southern charm, and impeccable taste in men—me. One who confessed she’d never given herself to anyone but trusted that I was the right man for the job.
    They say, “sticks over chicks,” but whoever coined that phrase had obviously never met a girl like Kameron Kosta, the coach’s niece.
    I’ll let that chick do whatever she wants to my… stick, no matter the cost.



MJ Fields