Songsmith | Podium Audio

By: A.C. Crispin, Andre Norton

Performed by: Adjoa Andoh

Released: November 30, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 23 min

Eydrth is a Master Songsmith…who has no magic. She will do anything to save her father from the evil that has stolen his mind.

But the paths to the magic of the Witch World are many—and to save the ones you love, the truest magic must come from the heart.

Andre Norton has been called “one of the most popular writers of our time” (Publishers Weekly) and has enchanted readers with the most famous and popular of her works: the enthralling Witch World. With bestseller A.C. Crispin, Norton has woven an eternal love story, filled with magic and wonder. Songsmith is the novel that Witch World fans have been waiting for, a shining jewel in the Witch World cosmos.



A.C. Crispin



Andre Norton

She calls herself an old-fashioned storyteller and, indeed, whether it's fantasy, science fiction, adventure, romance or any other genre of popular literature, she manages to capture the audience's attention in the gracious style of the long-gone bardic masters. This quality, acknowledged by both the readers and critics has given her the title of the Grande Dame of Science Fiction and Fantasy.