Soul of the Pack | Podium Audio

Shifter Queen

Soul of the Pack

Book 1

By: Lola Glass

Performed by: Amber Lee Connors, Tim Campbell

Released: May 23, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 53 min

Alone. Powerless. Human.
Tendira is a world of beastly shifters and deadly monsters…except me, the human queen.
When my home is taken over by an angry pack who wants me dead, I’m forced to run, so I go to the one place my attackers won’t dare follow: the Blood Pack.
But the Blood Alpha watches his territory more closely than I imagined. His people catch me and drag me to their capital. Instead of killing me, they decide to keep me.
The problem? They have no idea who I am.
Now if I want to stay alive, I have to make the most ruthless pack in Tendira believe I’m one of them. That plan goes surprisingly well…until the Alpha decides he wants me as his mate.
I’m a human pretending to be a shifter, a queen pretending to be powerless, and a woman pretending not to fall in love with the deadliest shifter that’s ever existed.
I’ll die if I go back to my castle, but if the Blood Pack discovers my lies, I’ll suffer a fate far worse than death. With my survival on the line, I can’t afford to lose anything to the Blood Alpha—especially my heart.



Lola Glass



Amber Lee Connors

Amber Lee Connors is a professional voice actress for a multitude of video games, animations and audiobooks. With over 300 credits on IMDb, some of her most notable roles include, I-No in Guilty Gear: Strive, Pieck in Attack on Titan, Ms. Joke in My Hero Academia, Toy Chica in Five Nights at Freddy's and Gwess in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: STONE OCEAN. Audiobook highlighted credits include Gamora & Nebula: Sisters in Arms written by Mackenzi Lee for Disney Publishing & Marvel, and the Herald of Shalia series written by Tamryn Tamer, which boasts over 1,400 ratings for volume 1.



Tim Campbell

Tim Campbell is the Audie, Voice Arts, Independent Audiobook, and Audiofile Earphones Award-winning narrator of over 650 audiobooks. He sings regularly with the Los Angeles Master Chorale, where he has been a part of multiple Grammy Award winning recordings, at LA Opera, and on film and television soundtracks such as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Creed 2, Venom and many others.