Spellscribed: Denouement | Podium Audio


Spellscribed: Denouement

Book 5

By: Kristopher Cruz

Performed by: Kevin Kemp

Released: May 30, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 36 min

With the defeat of Valeria behind him, Endrance has only the Malchoir left to track down.
The world wouldn’t be able to handle even one Mercanian regaining their power. They had kept humankind as slave labor and a source of blood for their own magical rituals and would certainly do so again.
While he didn’t know for certain what Malchoir had planned, it involved going deep into a region of the world called the Shatter: the destroyed homeland of the Mercanian Empire so terribly besotted with magic gone wrong that nothing could live there and not be warped by its influence.
First, Endrance will need to find a way to navigate the natural dangers of the Shatter and hope that he can catch up to Malchoir before it is too late.



Kristopher Cruz

Kristopher Cruz lives in Arizona with his wife and kids. He is a huge freaking nerd who spends most of his time immersed in science fiction, fantasy, and tabletop gaming.



Kevin Kemp

Kevin is a British actor and voiceover artist with a professional career of more than 17 years. Kevin has been fortunate to work in theatre and screen across the UK, Europe, India, and the US, winning numerous awards. He now lives and works out of Los Angeles, California. He has a deep love for the classics and traditional storytelling and is passionate about creating rich and personal worlds for his listeners. Kevin reads all genres from literary fiction to non-fiction and finds great joy in sci-fi and fantasy! When not acting, Kevin loves video games, board sports and is a keen martial artist.