Standing at the Gate | Podium Audio

Seasons of Man

Standing at the Gate

Book 3

By: S.M. Anderson

Performed by: Jay Snyder

Released: November 01, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 26 min

The exciting conclusion of the ‘Seasons of Man’ Trilogy.
A year and a half has passed since the defeat of Charlottesville. The idea of an actual future is starting to take root among the survivors.
Jason and Rachel have found a semblance of peace with a family. Pro has found a calling and Pavel has found a place to call home. A dangerous enemy, flying the Stars and Stripes from across the Appalachians has turned their attention to Potomac and everything the survivors have built.
Colonel Skirjanek’s fledgling Atlantic League and his Marines are going to be asked to defend not only themselves, but a free future. In the background, Mother Nature decides to get in on the act and delivers a new threat from a half a world away.



S.M. Anderson

Small town kid from eastern Oregon who spent the last 30 years as a CIA operations officer and a government contractor. He's been writing the whole time and has only recently hit the publish button. Now residing in northern Virginia with his wonderful family, he's fueled by prodigious amounts of coffee, good books, the Cubs and of course, writing.



Jay Snyder