Star Crossed | Podium Audio

Harem Station

Star Crossed

Book 1.5

Performed by: Christian Fox

Released: October 22, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 01 hr, 57 min

Twenty years before Serpint brought Queen Corla home to Harem Station, she met Crux for the very first time.
They were destined to be soul mates but could never be together. All they had was just one night.
This is the story of Crux and Corla and how all the outlaw brothers came to reside on Harem Station. Meant to be listened to after Booty Hunter and before Big Dicker, it contains a star-crossed love story and secrets that are as deep and dark as space itself.
KC Cross is the sci-fi romance pen name of New York Times best-selling author, JA Huss.



Christian Fox