Still of the Night | Podium Audio

End of Days

Still of the Night

Book 1

By: Cerise Cole

Released: November 08, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 16 hr, 4 min

All she wanted was a normal life. When an unexpected destiny appears, can this high school girl and her hunky new guys rise to the challenge?
Jess Bailey hates her restricted world. With an abusive father keeping a tight leash, she dare not reveal the secret scar on her hand that kills anyone it touches. But when her drop-dead gorgeous stepbrother moves into the house, she sees the perfect escape route into some thrilling shenanigans.
Enjoying the lingering attention of her stepsibling and his two hot friends, Jess crushes hard on each of the bad boys in the crew. But when a drunken night out ignites a dangerous chain of events, she confronts the fateful purpose behind her lethal touch.
Can a teen juggle three sexy suitors and embrace a surprising future?
Still of the Night is the deliciously edgy first book in the thrilling End of Days paranormal romance series. If you like relatable characters, slow-burn tension, and cool twists on the apocalypse, then you’ll love Cerise Cole’s journey into the unknown.
This series is a joint writing project between Auryn Hadley and Kitty Cox, as we’ve teamed up under a combined pseudonym, Cerise Cole.



Cerise Cole