Storm in Her Heart | Podium Audio

Storm in Her Heart

By: KC Luck

Performed by: Lori Prince

Released: May 14, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 12 min

Love can weather the stormiest of hearts…
Athena Storm, the resilient owner of a struggling tavern, has weathered many storms in her life. As she fights to keep her establishment afloat, she is convinced she does not have time for a relationship.
Enter Kate Franklin, an ex-cop turned delivery driver who seeks refuge from her past. Although she never intended to look for romance, she can’t stop thinking about the auburn-haired, green-eyed bar owner named Athena.
Lacey Storm, a bright and ambitious college student, is eagerly counting down the days until graduation, yearning to embark on her career as a graphic designer. The only problem is having to say goodbye to Max, the roommate she’s been secretly in love with for years.
Max Graham loves running the kitchen at Athena’s bar, especially when her roommate, Lacey, stops by. Keeping her crush locked in her heart, Max is content with the occasional stolen glances, or so she thinks until their last chance at love is on the line.
When a catastrophic blizzard catches them all in the mountains on New Year’s Day, they not only work to survive but also share their vulnerabilities and secrets. As they weather the external storm, each must simultaneously confront their internal ones.



KC Luck

Bestselling author KC Luck writes lesbian action-adventure and sapphic contemporary romance. Writing is her passion, and nothing energizes her more than creating new characters facing trials and tribulations in a complex plot. Whether it is apocalyptic, contemporary, or a little naughty, with every story, KC tries to add her own unique twist. She has written over twenty books (which include The Darkness series and Everybody Needs a Hero) and multiple short stories across many genres.



Lori Prince