Striped and Strangled | Podium Audio

A Knitty Kitties Mystery

Striped and Strangled

Book 4

By: Tracey Drew

Performed by: Sarah Mollo-Christensen

Released: January 18, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 06 hr, 29 min

The victim never saw it coming….
Tessa Wakefield has her hands full juggling a cozy craft store, her nutball family, and two men who’d rather poke out their eyes than describe themselves as cute (which they totally are).┬áCute, charismatic, and occasionally on her mind when she’s not stumbling over dead bodies and using her newfound ninja skills to track down murderers.
So when Cape Discovery’s resident fortune-teller fails to predict her own demise, courtesy of a dog leash wrapped around her throat, Tessa once again find herself in a pickle. And it’s out of the frying pan and into the flames after her crush becomes the prime suspect.
What’s New Zealand’s super-sleuth supposed to do?
Grab her magnifying glass and rally the Knitty Kitties to solve the mystery, of course! Problem is, more and more suspects appear like annoying tangles in a ball of yarn. And, spoiler: One of those suspects is determined to keep her from asking any more questions…permanently. Fancy a trip to New Zealand?
The Knitty Kitties series is set in beautiful New Zealand with a host of quirky characters, hilarious shenanigans, and more cats and knitting than you can shake a needle at!



Tracey Drew

Tracey Drew lives Down Under with her husband--who's given up complaining about her yarn addiction--and two madcap tabby cats called Kevin and Alfie. The feline brothers constantly battle with her while she's trying to write her books by demanding lap-time, but they also provide constant inspiration for her fun & quirky cozy mysteries.



Sarah Mollo-Christensen