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Whisling Island

Sunset on Whisling Island

Book 1

By: Julia Clemens

Performed by: Meg Price

Released: July 12, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 1 min

Friendship and inner strength bind four women together. Whenever one struggles, the others are there to lift them up. They know they’ll come out of these trials stronger, better, and happier—and with lifelong friendships to treasure.
"You have the power within you to overcome anything." In her heart, Bess knows this is true. But when her husband of over twenty years admits to an affair, she isn’t sure she can find her way back to breathing, much less thriving. But Bess does find the strength to kick Jon out, even when he falls to his knees and begs for another chance. He claims he is willing to do anything to make up for his past wrongs, to restore their marriage. But when Bess awakes from her shock a few weeks later, after the initial pain has begun to subside, she realizes the truth. She has the whole world before her—what does she want to do with it?
Behind her beautiful face, Olivia is hiding a secret, one she has kept for her entire marriage. As she shows a smiling face to the world, her husband is carrying on with any woman he wants. He cares little about Olivia and she is too worn down to do anything but take the abuse. Until her secret comes out. It should be the worst day of Olivia’s life, when everyone can finally see the truth of her marriage, but she realizes that she’s finally free. So she takes her two adorable little girls and leaves, heading straight into the arms of the family who has always wanted her. Here she can remember the incredible woman she was at one time, the woman she misses dearly. In time, maybe she can become an even stronger version of that woman. 
Deb doesn’t take crap from anyone. Especially not her husband. So when she finds out he has a mistress in another country, their marriage is DOA. The only downside is that Deb can only rage at her ex over the phone instead of in person. He deserves a dramatic burning-his-clothes-in-the-front-yard moment, but since he’s not around to watch, Deb doesn’t see the point. But she does see the point in getting into amazing shape, creating incredible art, and putting herself back on the market. Even if Rich can’t see Deb’s worth, she can.
Gen thought the worst of life’s trials were behind her. She’s accepted the fact that she will never conceive a child. She and her husband Levi have been through the fire and come out stronger than ever. But when an indiscretion from Levi’s past comes back to haunt them, can Gen move past the betrayal? Should she give up the man she thought was perfect for her? Or can she find the courage to love him through it all and allow him to learn and grow, to become the man she always knew he could be?



Julia Clemens

Julia Clemens always dreamed of putting stories to paper and now she gets to live that dream with her two adorable boys and one handsome hubby. From the sandy shores of Maui to the Rocky Mountains and then back to another island in the Pacific, serene Japan, Julia has lived around the world and found that even though all of these places are majestic with their natural beauty, the thing that makes every place so special...are the people. So she writes about those people and loves every minute of it. Julia loves to hear from her readers so please reach out to her @



Meg Price

Meg has been in a recording booth since she was in the womb. No Joke! Which lead to falling asleep in there listening to her parents say "Please Press 1 for..." over and over. She then pursued acting all through a specialized high school and two years of a BA degree. Got a little lost, but then again who doesn't in their early twenties? But she finally found her way back home to books and audiobooks. Combining her love for storytelling, acting, and a lifetime surrounded by audio work. Meg has over 100 titles under her belt!