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Superworld 2

Book 2

By: Benjamin Keyworth

Performed by: Luke Daniels

Released: November 15, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 13 hr, 15 min

Two teenagers uncover a conspiracy within the hallowed halls of a superhero academy—and learn what it truly means to be heroes—in this original series.
Ten years ago, the Empath known as the Black Death battled the Legion of Heroes and laid waste to a continent. Infused with the blood of countless superhuman victims, he struck down the Legion one by one, until only its leader, Captain Dawn, remained. When the smoke finally cleared, the Black Death was vanquished—but at a terrible cost to both Captain Dawn and the world . . .
Now, the students and staff of Morningstar Academy hope Matt Callaghan, who they believe is a clairvoyant, will lead them to a bright and glorious future. Unfortunately, Matt is a fraud, completely powerless and having so far managed to deceive everyone, even Captain Dawn, with vague predictions and bald-faced lies. But now the Legion is starting to reform, and with the fate of the world at stake, it won’t be long before Matt’s lies start catching up to him.
Only one person knows Matt’s secret: Jane Walker, the sole Empath enrolled at the Academy. Determined to break free from the Black Death’s shadow, Jane has fought harder than anyone to earn a place in the new Legion’s ranks, and her ambition and abilities have earned her the attention of Captain Dawn—though perhaps not in the way Jane had wished. For inside her burns something hungry . . . and dark.
As Jane begins to embrace her identity and Matt continues to hide his, unknown forces will pull them into an invisible war. And when Morningstar’s secrets are ultimately revealed, there’s no turning back.
The second volume of the hit alternate-history series—with more than a million views on Royal Road—now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible! 



Benjamin Keyworth

Benjamin Keyworth is an Australian author born and raised in Newcastle, New South Wales, and currently living in Sidney with his partner and dog. A lawyer by day, Ben has wanted to be a writer since he was five years old (before which he wanted to be a dinosaur). He is pursuing a master’s degree in creative writing at the University of Technology Sydney, and in his spare time he enjoys baking and playing video games and Dungeons & Dragons.



Luke Daniels