Sweet Violence | Podium Audio

Killers and Kings

Sweet Violence

Book 2

By: Leigh Kelsey

Performed by: Alyssa Avery

Released: January 16, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 50 min

Here’s a tip: when you fall into Hell, seduce the devil.
Not that the devil needs much seducing. He’s seen all the twisted, blood-soaked things I’ve done on Earth, and he’s already obsessed with me. A little too obsessed, if you ask me. I already have four mates, and they’re more than enough trouble.
But when the devil—I’m calling him Dev—gives me a chance to hit my psychopath father where it hurts and take out some of his minions, I jump at the chance. I’m not an assassin-for-hire, but if Eidolon keeps amassing power, he’ll be even more dangerous. And there’s no doubt he’ll come back for me.
But with cuddly Joseph, obsessive X, dominant Arkan, and ruthless Taj by my side, what can go wrong?
Everything, apparently. But at least I’m not dead…?
The Candyfloss Killer is back, b*tches!
Sweet Violence is a paranormal romance with psycho men, a badass FMC, twisted romance, and lots and lots of bloodlust. Demon criminals, a dark syndicate, a godlike hunter, and depraved, evil pasts fill these pages, but none of them are as deadly as Aveline Lachesi.



Leigh Kelsey

Leigh Kelsey writes about psychos with questionable morals and addictions to shiny, stabby objects, but she’s perfectly harmless, she swears. She can be found in Yorkshire, England listening to K-Pop, watching serial killer documentaries, and writing as much spicy paranormal romance as she possibly can in a day.



Alyssa Avery