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Tales of a Far Rider

Tales of a Far Rider: Volume 1: A LitRPG Adventure

Book 1

By: Troy Osgood

Performed by: Oliver Hembrough

Released: April 04, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 8 min

In a world where magic, danger, and adventure are over every hill, the Shroudweavers of Merelein will use that magic to fight, survive, and advance.
The world of Merelein is surrounded by a shroud of magical energy that has caused the people to evolve. A select few have become Shroudweavers, granted access to the shroud in the form of amazing abilities that they use to fight monsters and other dangers of the world. Shroudweavers evolve through the ranks, advancing through the use of their abilities.
Culann Hawkfall is a Far Rider and a Shroudweaver, called Cloaks by the people, wandering the continent of Atair looking for adventure, looking to escape a past he wants nothing to do with. He hopes that advancement will help him find the peace he lacks. He hopes that being a Far Rider, and working to help the people of the world, will give him the atonement he seeks.
Follow Culann on his adventures as he advances and changes the world around him.



Troy Osgood

Born and raised in the granite state of New Hampshire, Troy is a lifelong and avid reader of comic books and novels (mostly in the fantasy, sci-fi and adventure/thriller genres). The ongoing serial storytelling methods of comic books and television has always fascinated him and provided inspiration for his writing. He's always had a love of creating and world building and dreams of someday seeing his creations expressed across all media: books, comic books, movies, TV and even toys. When not writing, Troy can be found outside hiking, kayaking or out back at the bonfire with beer in hand. Don't expect to bother him during football season, especially when the Patriots are playing.



Oliver Hembrough