Tangling with Trolls | Podium Audio

Haven Ever After

Tangling with Trolls

Book 2

By: Hazel Mack

Performed by: Mason Lloyd, Mia Barron

Released: February 27, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 19 min

A month ago, I had no idea that monsters lived in hidden towns.
Surprise! The tiny New England town of Ever is a haven for them. Vampire brothers run the coffee shop. Werewolf bikers will fix your car. I can sort of wrap my mind around that.
But then I meet Ohken Stonesmith, a bridge troll and all-around badass. He’s way older than me, crazy confident, and he owns the town’s only flower shop. In short—he’s my ideal man.
The second surprise? I’m a green witch! When I struggle to use my newly discovered magic, Ohken offers to teach me, although his methods aren’t exactly conventional. He’s a big fan of teasing me and making me crazy enough to get out of my own head. As our lessons grow more heated, I realize I’m falling for not only this wacky little town but also the quiet male who’s my biggest cheerleader.
Unfortunately, not all monsters want to live in peace. When evil sneaks past Ever’s protective wards, I want to help. The problem is I keep blowing things up instead of fixing them. I’ve got to get control of my power fast, or Ever—and my budding romance with Ohken—will be in deep trouble.



Hazel Mack



Mason Lloyd

Mason Lloyd is a prolific narrator of romance and erotica from the great Pacific Northwest. He does both solo narration and multiple-POV romance novels and stories in multiple sub-genres of romance and erotic fiction, including "bad boy"/MC romances, paranormal romances, "shifter" romances, and quite a long list of alien/SF romances.



Mia Barron