Tattoo Your Name on My Heart | Podium Audio

Tattoo Your Name on My Heart

By: Tay Mo'Nae

Released: June 21, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 11 hr, 48 min

Broken. Damaged. Unloved.

Zavion never knew what love was. His mother abandoned him at two, leaving him in the hands of his father, to deal with situations no child should ever have to face. Forced to grow up sooner than he should’ve, Zavion’s heart became cold and his emotions void.

Now, he’s an owner of a popular tattoo shop and he’s still battling scars from his childhood. Unable to deal with his past trauma or allow himself to open up to anyone, Zavion throws himself headfirst into his work and uses women as objects rather than partners…until he meets Samara.

Samara wears a mask that she has no intentions of lifting until Zavion walks into her life. Moving to Butter Ridge Falls was supposed to be a new beginning. After dealing with the painful memories back home for so long, she decides it’s time to get her life together and further her career as a tattoo artist. While working under Zavion, she soon learns the two of them are a lot more alike than she would have suspected. Driven by sex and partying, Samara attempts to hide the hurt she suffered long ago until she’s forced to welcome it on her doorstep.

Join Zavion and Samara–two souls struggling with intimacy, trust, and relationships–on an emotional rollercoaster that leads them to face their past traumas and learn that there is no time limit to healing.



Tay Mo'Nae

Tay Mo'Nae is a 27-year-old Urban Romance author who pens about Black Love. She creates stories to help her readers escape reality and create a movie in their heads. She loves writing about characters that at least one reader can relate to. With 50 plus books under her belt, Tay Mo'Nae hopes to gain at least one new reader with every release and have them connect to her characters and story in some way. If she would have to explain her writing she would say she loves "penning complicated characters that find a path to love".