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The Old Curiosity Shop

Telegram Home

Book 3

By: Kirsten McKenzie

Performed by: Tracey Llewelyn

Released: September 29, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 16 min

History will change.
Sarah Lester’s mother is missing, and the Indian uprising holds her father captive. The police want to question her, and even the church is demanding its pound of flesh. Her return to The Old Curiosity Shop raises more questions than answers. 
Waiting in the shadows is a vengeful Richard Grey. After discovering Sarah’s ability to travel through time, nothing will stop him from restoring his name to its former glory. Not even time. 
Can Sarah reunite her scattered family before Grey closes the doorway to the past?
Telegram Home is the last book The Old Curiosity Shop trilogy.



Kirsten McKenzie

Kirsten McKenzie fought international crime for fourteen years as a Customs Officer before leaving to work in the family antique store. Now a full time author, she lives in Auckland with her family and alternates between writing her next thriller and completing her second time travel trilogy. Her bestselling horror novel ‘Painted’ was released in 2017, followed by a medical thriller ‘Doctor Perry’ in 2018.



Tracey Llewelyn