Tempest Rage | Podium Audio

The Guild Wars

Tempest Rage

Book 17

Performed by: Todd McLaren

Released: September 20, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 15 hr, 40 min

Trapped on all sides…
The Dusman have accepted the Humans as allies but have given no indications as to what their long-term intentions are. Their goals have to be large, though, as they continue to spread their influence across the Human colonies…and beyond.
Fighting continues to rage between the guilds, both in the shadows and out in the open for all to see. Although one of the Synthetic Intelligences has been killed, the others are now restive, acting from the shadows to affect events galaxy-wide.
Unfortunately, the search for Minerva—the Science Guild SI—hasn’t borne any fruit; wherever Minerva is, she is sure to be plotting the downfall of humanity in general and the Four Horsemen in particular, and she will likely strike when humanity least expects it.
Civilizations battle civilizations, looking to redress old grievances. This should be a time of great profit for the Mercenary Guild, yet the guild sits on the sidelines, allowing the battles to rage nearly unchecked.
Meanwhile, the threat of the Kahraman grows ever nearer. Although they withdrew, everyone knows they haven’t gone far, and they could show up again at a moment’s notice.
As the end of The Guild Wars draws near, only one thing is certain—the tempest will rage until the very end.



Todd McLaren