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Last Chance Downrange

Terminal Velocity

Book 4

By: Lisa Phillips

Performed by: Rachel Dulude

Released: March 21, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 07 hr, 32 min

A last resort. One final chance for the future they want.
Joseph is the name they’ve given him. Before that, he was Casper—a trained killer. Now he’s been sidelined to a summer camp retreat center, and if he doesn’t make this work he’ll get kicked out of the Accountant’s Office program for good. The only problem is this retreat center is a hotbed of decades old mystery and murder—and missing treasure.
Medical Examiner Sarah Carlton wants to make chief. When the boss orders her to take a “vacation” volunteering at the retreat center she’s not exactly jazzed. But she’ll use the down time to work on the drug overdose deaths she’s been puzzled by lately. Until the nightmare from her past shows up in her cabin, and everything crashes in on her.
With Sarah the target of a deadly group, Joseph is the only one with the skills to keep her safe. But how can it possibly all be connected? Is this about a new drug about to hit the market…or decades old missing treasure?
Together they’re going to find out. No matter if it costs them everything.
This stand-alone story is part of the accountant’s office series, Last Chance Downrange.
An all-new setting. An all-new set of characters.



Lisa Phillips



Rachel Dulude

Rachel Dulude is an actor and audiobook narrator based in Providence, Rhode Island. She has been recording audiobooks since 2012 in genres ranging from young adult to adult thrillers, over 100 titles. As an actor, she has performed with the Wilbury Theatre Group and Trinity Rep, both in Providence and the Gamm Theatre in Warwick, Rhode Island.