TextAppeal - For Girls! | Podium Audio

TextAppeal – For Girls!

By: Michael Masters

Performed by: R.C. Bray

Released: April 09, 2013

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 02 hr, 17 min

Wouldn’t it be great to know:

  • Why he isn’t texting you back!?
  • Why your multiple texts are killing the attraction?
  • Why he is so sexual in his texts?
    And wouldn’t it be invaluable to understand:
  • How to have him text you back right away?
  • How to have him ask you out with only a couple of texts?
  • How to safely flirt with the greatest results?
  • How to have him waiting for your text rather than the opposite?
    What if….
  • He were the one texting you all of the time??
  • You could get him to respond instantly anytime you wanted?
  • You could get that distant guy to pay attention to you?
  • You could have him finally take notice?
  • You finally know exactly what to say every time, to get what you want?
  • You finally stopped feeling so much anxiety over that one guy because too many guys are paying attention to you?
    It pains me to see so many girls/women alike making all the same, fully preventable, mistakes via texting. It pains me to hear from women nearly every day, how they pushed away that one guy that really mattered. The secret to fixing this is remarkably easy, something that you can master in minutes, and wouldn’t that be worth it? I unshakably stand behind the concepts in TextAppeal, simply because they work, and work fast. You want to fix your problem? Want to fix it nowTextAppeal has the solution.
    Download the accompanying reference guide.



Michael Masters



R.C. Bray