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The Acheron

The Acheron: Publisher’s Pack 2

Book 4

By: Rick Partlow

Performed by: Tess Irondale

Released: November 24, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 17 hr, 59 min

Contains books three and four of The Acheron series.

Hybrid, book 3

Sandi Hollande and Ash Carpenter are outlaws for hire. After they managed to rescue an innocent hostage from the clutches of two rival criminal cartels, they’ve gained a reputation with families who want to retrieve lost loved ones from places the authorities can’t go and with Fleet Intelligence.

They are commissioned by an Intelligence agent to retrieve information from a cartel spy that could lead to the location of the Fleet cruiser Metaurus, thought lost in the war with the Tahni. A cartel ship has spotted it drifting through a distant system, far at the edge of occupied space, and Sandi and Ash are the only ones who can be trusted to investigate without throwing up red flags for the wrong people to see.

But the Metaurus isn’t just a mystery…it’s a graveyard, its crew slaughtered. And the thing that did it isn’t human…and it isn’t dead.

Exile, book 4
Sandi, Ash, Korri and Kan-Ten have worked openly as hired guns throughout the Pirate Worlds, fighting for lost causes, and for each other. Covertly, they’ve worked as freelance operatives for Fleet Intelligence, sabotaging the schemes of cartel bosses and always running up against the plans of their nemesis, Jordi Abdullah, the head of the La Sombra cartel.

Jordi is desperate enough to abandon his embattled home in the Pirate Worlds and try to create a new sanctuary for himself at the edge of Commonwealth civilization, on the Periphery world of Brigantia. His raiders have already cut the colony off from resupply and now his agents are fomenting unrest between the human and Tahni populations in an attempt to destabilize the planetary government and take over.

While Sandi and Ash hunt down the raider ships in the asteroid belt, Fontenot and Kan-Ten take on Jordi’s allies and pawns among the humans and the Tahni. On Brigantia, they encounter old friends and older enemies…the trick will be deciding which is which.



Rick Partlow

Rick Partlow is that rarest of species, a native Floridian. Born in Tampa, he attended Florida Southern College and graduated with a degree in History and a commission in the US Army as an Infantry officer. His lifelong love of science fiction began with Have Space Suit---Will Travel and the other Heinlein juveniles and traveled through Clifford Simak, Asimov, Clarke and on to William Gibson, Walter Jon Williams and Peter F Hamilton. And somewhere, submerged in the worlds of others, Rick began to create his own worlds. He has written 35 books in nine different series, and his short stories have been included in twelve different anthologies. He lives in central Florida with his wife, two children and a willful mutt of a dog. Besides writing and reading science fiction and fantasy, he enjoys outdoor photography, hiking and camping.



Tess Irondale