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The Artificer’s Chronicles

The Artificer’s Chronicles

Book 1

By: E.M. Hardy

Performed by: Daniel Wisniewski

Released: July 04, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 16 min

At seventeen years of age, Renan Saneris was still waiting for a talent to come up.
While everyone around him got a Class and could move on with their life, he was still waiting for Fate to finally tell him what would become of him. He tried his hand at Smithing, Sword Fighting, and even at being an Artisan, but he never got many results for his efforts.
One look at his Aetheric Record was generally enough to humble him as he had no skill beyond the basic level. He had no skill trees, no saving experience, and no class features.
One day, however, when he’s messing around in his father’s forge, etching small symbols into a blade as a gift for his best friends Yana, the glyphs start glowing and awaken something in him.
New Class Acquired! Artificer: Level One
Artificer? What in the void was that? He had never heard of such a thing, and no one around him seems to have a clue either. Still, Renan is determined to find out how it all works so he can help the community with his new powers.
When strange shadows attack his village, and he barely manages to chase them away with one of his new creations, he decides to join a group of Adventurers to investigate the threat and make sure everyone will be safe. In the process, he learns that his mysterious Class may be more than meets the eye.
Renan thought that getting a Class would be an end in itself, but it turns out it’s only just the beginning—the beginning of the Artificer’s Chronicles!



E.M. Hardy



Daniel Wisniewski

Daniel Wisniewski is an award winning voice and stage actor currently based in New York City. He has produced over 150 audiobooks, was awarded two Readers' Favorite Awards in 2022 for his work in Christopher Hopper's _Infinita Awaits_ (Bronze Medal) and Shane Boulware's _Soulstealer_ (Finalist Medal), and is a multi-time Audible Best Seller for his work on Dave Willmarth’s _Battleborne _(Peak Position #29)_ _and James Haddock’s _Wizard’s Alley _(Peak Position #40)_ _& _Stonecutter's Shadow _(Peak Position #5). In addition, he is also an accomplished stage actor, with recent credits including _Romeo & Bernadette_ (Off-Broadway, New York Times Critics Pick), _The Imbible: Day Drinking_ (Off-Broadway), _Men with Money_ (World Premiere, Suzi Bass Award nominee for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical), and as Rhett Butler in Gerard Presgurvic’s musical adaptation of_ Gone with the Wind_ (First International Tour, English Premiere). He is currently working with Podium Audio as an official AudioCollaborator, alongside a plethora of other fantastic indie publishers such as Mountaindale Press, Aethon Books, Blackstone Publishing, and Royal Guard Publishing.