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Anno Initium

The Battered: A Zombie Apocalypse Novel

Book 3

By: Dinko Skopljak

Performed by: JD Jackson, Soneela Nankani

Released: August 08, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

A new generation fights back against the undead in the final volume of this zombie horror trilogy perfect for fans of HBO’s The Last of Us.
Lucas Morel and his sister, Lena, were children when the zombie plague was first unleashed on the world. Surviving for ten years against all odds, they now lead a small but disciplined team of fighters: a mere eight souls gathered from across Europe, dedicated to salvaging what remains of humanity.
Having fought numerous battles together, this brave band has grown into a formidable unit. But they’re not the only ones who’ve gotten stronger and more resilient. The zombie hordes have developed new methods of increasing their numbers—methods that make life in the so-called safe zones increasingly unsustainable.

To turn the tide of death, Lucas and Lena must execute a dangerous information-gathering mission across the Adriatic Sea. But as they attempt to learn what they can from the zombie-controlled city of Shkodër, they will discover lessons in monstrosity from an all-too-human past.


Following The Stranded and The Lost,_ _and available for the first time in English, The Battered is the climactic final novel in Dinko Skopljak’s apocalyptic trilogy.



Dinko Skopljak



JD Jackson



Soneela Nankani

Having been raised by immigrant parents and grown up traveling all over the world (spending the most time in India, Ghana, Brazil and Morocco), Soneela has developed a deep multicultural appreciation, a love of storytelling and a facility with languages and dialects. Paired with her MFA in Acting, this has led to over 300 titles across many genres (including Young Adult, Romance, Sci-Fi and Fantasy), 18 Earphone awards, multiple Audie nominations and a Golden Voice Lifetime Achievement Award from AudioFile magazine over her 13-year voiceover career. When not in the booth, you can find Soneela playing card games with her kids, trying out new recipes, or attempting to solve today’s Wordle.