The Black Knight | Podium Audio

Excalibur Knights

The Black Knight

Book 2

By: Luke Mitchell

Performed by: Gary Tiedemann

Released: November 10, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 16 hr, 4 min

He came. He saw. He stole the freakin’ Merlin.

In the wake of the Troglodan attack on Earth, fledgling Knight Nate Arturi and his unruly crew venture into Alliance space in pursuit of the mysterious Black Knight. The mission couldn’t be simpler. Find the Black Knight, recover the Beacon, and save the Merlin. But simple isn’t always easy, and the title of Excalibur Knight isn’t what it once was.

Arriving in Alliance space, Nate and fellow Knight Iveera quickly find themselves caught in a deadly web of political ambition with Ooperian assassins haunting their every step and no one to trust but each other and their ragtag crew.

The clock is ticking. An ancient evil stands on the brink of awakening. But to complete their mission, they’ll have to go renegade and forfeit everything.

Can two rogue Knights stop the rising tides of galactic war?



Luke Mitchell

As an ex-neuroengineer turned sci-fi storyteller, Luke often dreams of learning the ways of the Force, becoming a sentient robot, changing the world with stories, and maybe even one day growing up. Also, zombies. Don't ask. Oh, and that "growing up" bit? That was a lie.