The Bold | Podium Audio

Sgt. Thor

The Bold

Book 1

Performed by: Christopher Ryan Grant

Released: September 26, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 16 hr, 34 min

One Ranger leads the way.
A U.S. Army Ranger sniper finds himself on his own and on the move far downrange and beyond the wire in an epic fantasy world filled with deadly monsters and dangerous foes in a total battle royale for glory, hoard—and flat-out survival.
Adrift on the Sea of Riddles and lost in a dangerous world of epic fables, Sgt. Thor and his anti-materiel sniper rifle, Mjölnir, must survive brutal pirates, the darkest sorcery, and a catastrophic shipwreck on a strange island steeped in arcane mystery and containing the remains of a lost civilization guarding an ancient artifact of great and terrible power.
Grim enemies and intrigue abound…
To defeat a Pirate Necromancer and his army from the east seeking to manipulate a battle between the warring Fates, this elite tip-of-the-spear warrior must use his modern warfighter skills and battle-tested leadership to forge an unlikely savage fighting force to pit against heavily armed enemies all too real, and, for some, far more fantastic than the myths and epics of a long-ago past.
In a dangerous fantasy world, one man must move farther, faster, and fight harder than foes seeking to kill him with might, magic, treachery, and by whatever means possible. But U.S. Army Rangers don’t die easily.
Sword and sorcery meets modern warfare in this epic fantasy world both familiar and new. Find your edge…



Christopher Ryan Grant