The Bow of Anarchy | Podium Audio


The Bow of Anarchy

Book 3

By: Jessica Renwick

Performed by: Reba Buhr

Released: July 26, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 07 hr, 7 min

From the award-winning author Jessica Renwick comes the third installment of the Starfell series! Filled with friendship, magic, and adventure—readers will be thrilled with this follow up to The Book of Chaos and The Guitar of Mayhem!

After a quiet winter, the Lichwood is waking. Soft murmurs of activity at Endora’s mansion reach Tulip Manor, and Fable and her friends are restless to discover why. After an undead guard attacks the enchanted barrier that encloses the cottage grounds, Fable’s magic spins out of control.

When a letter arrives from the Thistle Plum Inn stating a Folkvar has been sighted in the city of Mistford, the residents of Tulip Manor find themselves thrust into chaos. A mystery involving Thorn’s missing sister, a mystical bow and arrow, kidnapped magical creatures, and a dangerous curse looms over the spring festival—and it’s up to Fable and her friends to solve.

Deep down, Fable knows these secrets are tied to her evil great-grandmother. But if she can’t fight the darkness that grows within her, she won’t be able to save anyone. Not even herself.



Jessica Renwick

Jessica Renwick is the author of the award-winning Starfell series for middle-grade kids. She enjoys a hot cup of tea, gardening, her pets, consuming an entire novel in one sitting, cozy video games, and outdoor adventures. She lives with her partner and tiny monster dogs in Alberta, Canada.