The Case Files of Aldicus Vescard | Podium Audio

The Case Files of Aldicus Vescard

By: Mark William Chase

Performed by: Phil Thron

Released: April 26, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 21 hr, 18 min

Crime ever turns in the Clockwork City…
Detective Aldicus Vescard knows all too well the monsters and madmen who prowl the fog-veiled streets of Corradon. He is, after all, a monster himself.  Cursed in his errant past, his body now harbors an infernal fiend of pure elemental chaos. Yet none are more suited to investigate those sinister deeds of criminal sorcery than the city’s greatest detective magus.  Aided by his loyal apprentice and the science of forensic alchemy, Aldicus must unravel a deadly string of sorcerous crimes menacing the Clockwork City.
But in the decaying depths of the Underworks far below, there festers an even greater evil”a darkness rising to consume not only Corradon, but to ravage their entire world.
The Case Files of Aldicus Vescard recounts a series of interconnected investigations, leading the way to a diabolical mystery more terrible than any Aldicus has faced before.



Mark William Chase

Mark William Chase lives near Indianapolis, Indiana, with his wife and the occasional foster kid. There he spends most of his free time reading science fiction and fantasy, keeping up with the latest news in science and technology, and writing the kinds of stories he would most enjoy reading. He is an avid connoisseur of the steampunk aesthetic and can occasionally be found attending science fiction conventions in his ever-accumulating steampunk attire.



Phil Thron