The Court of Mortals | Podium Audio


The Court of Mortals

Book 3

By: AJ Lancaster

Performed by: Finty Williams

Released: October 27, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 13 hr, 17 min

Marrying your fae prince shouldn’t be this hard.
Hetta’s family now knows Wyn’s true identity, but that doesn’t mean they approve of their relationship. Princes are all very well, but Wyn’s not human – though he’s spent 10 years pretending to be.
With gossip spreading like wildfire, Hetta and Wyn receive a royal summons. The queen of Prydein has heard the rumors of fae intruders, and she’s not letting Wyn go until she’s satisfied that he and his people aren’t a threat. Convincing her would be a lot easier if someone wasn’t trying to blacken Wyn’s name and if his sister wasn’t trying to kill him.
But mortal politics aren’t the only problem the pair has to face. The Court of Ten Thousand Spires is still without a ruler, and the only way out may be for Wyn to assume the throne himself, meaning he and Hetta can never be together.
The Court of Mortals is book three of the Stariel Quartet.



AJ Lancaster

Growing up in rural Aotearoa New Zealand, AJ Lancaster escaped chores by hiding up trees to read books. However, it took many years and accumulating a pile of manuscripts for her to realise that she might want to be a writer. On the way to this realisation she collected a degree in science, worked in environmental planning, and became an editor. The Lord of Stariel is her first novel.



Finty Williams