The Crypt Lord's Conquest | Podium Audio


The Crypt Lord’s Conquest

Book 2

By: Dawson George

Performed by: Henry Kramer

Released: July 19, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 30 hr, 22 min

The Afterlife is on the verge of collapse.
Theodore Goss can’t catch a break. Ending the war between the Mobs and saving the Skeletons from the grip of Hell isn’t enough to let Theo rest, not when he has to gather the power of his sector’s Overlords so that his fairer System can be properly established. Peace doesn’t enforce itself, after all.
But things aren’t so simple. Hell is sending a powerful demon to seek retribution. With just two weeks before the assault, Theo rushes to join the disparate Mobs together to fend off the infernal invasion. It shouldn’t be hard. Theo is an expert at dealing with the Mobs’ political minefield.
He just hadn’t counted on an enemy Afterlifer killing the Overlords and starting another war.
Stretched thin by enemies on every front and with time running out, Theo must marshal his wits and gather his strength to save his sector from imminent destruction. Even if it means sacrificing the very peace he was fighting for.
Return to Godguild, where the stakes are higher than ever.



Dawson George

Dawson is an avid reader and writer of many things, though his greatest loves are GameLit and Progression Fantasy stories. He has recently discovered a craving for coffee he's staying away from. When he's not busy with grad school or writerly things, he likes disturbing friends with impromptu movie nights and praying that game devs don't ruin classic games when they're trying to remake them.



Henry Kramer