The Crypt Lord's Curse | Podium Audio


The Crypt Lord’s Curse

Book 3

By: Dawson George

Performed by: Henry Kramer

Released: April 04, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 32 hr, 26 min

The Afterlife is going to war.
Caught dead in the centre of a conflict between two guilds, Theo only wants his home to survive. He’s worked hard to unite the mobs and grant them all the same system he has. If only they were left alone to enjoy their peace.
The enemy breaks Theo’s artificial system and snares his friends in a new sector. They intend to raze his home to the ground just to get to him.
Hell-bent on ending the war once and for all, Theo charges into the new world. He must journey across wintry islands set on continental trees, through a ravenous dungeon seeking to swallow the world, past deadly secrets and hidden agendas, all to take the fight straight to the heart of the enemy.
If it means sacrificing all that he’s achieved, if it means giving up on his hopes and dreams, then Theo is ready to pay the price.



Dawson George

Dawson is an avid reader and writer of many things, though his greatest loves are GameLit and Progression Fantasy stories. He has recently discovered a craving for coffee he's staying away from. When he's not busy with grad school or writerly things, he likes disturbing friends with impromptu movie nights and praying that game devs don't ruin classic games when they're trying to remake them.



Henry Kramer